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Water damage is one of the problems most homeowners would prefer to avoid at all costs – and the biggest issue is that water leaks can be very hard to identify. Because they’re not easily identified, a water leak can go on for years causing significant hidden damage in your home before you even know about it.


General Plumbing Problems

One of the most common causes of hidden water leaks in your home is general plumbing problems. General plumbing issues can occur with sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and any other water sources.

If there is a leak in the pipes for an upstairs bathroom, that leak could be slowly drip-dropping away for years before the water soaks through the insulation, the supporting flooring structure, and then through the ceiling material below. That’s usually when a homeowner finds out there is a leak upstairs – when the ceiling stain below becomes apparent.

The damage caused by leaking pipes typically won’t be covered by your home insurance policy. Homeowners’ policies usually cover catastrophic leaks, but not neglected leaks that have caused damage over time.


Appliance Leaks

Four common major appliances are the cause of water damages in most homes:

  • dishwashers

  • clothes washers

  • refrigerators

  • water heaters

All of these appliances are used on a nearly daily basis, and they can develop leaks due to aging, cracked hoses, faulty connections, and more. In general, a homeowner should inspect their appliances at least once a year and/or have them professionally inspected. Homeowners can install leak detection alarms around appliances and they will sound when there’s a leak detected – this can be an effective early warning if the water flows away in such a manner that the leak can be detected.

An infrared home inspection can detect hidden water leaks in your home – so leaks that are causing damage in the walls, under flooring, in ceilings, etc. can be identified and you can get them, fixed before they cause a lot of damage.

S.A.M Home Inspections can help perspective home buyers uncover and discover hidden water leaks.

Lurking Water Damage Issues

In many cases especially with older home, there can be significant issues caused by undetected water leaks that in some cases can lead to catastrophic structural failure, which can result in serious injury or even death.

Some of these issues can render the home uninhabitable for several weeks or even months.  In some cases the entire structure needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  In some cases this can be a nightmare dealing with the insurance company, as temporary housing will need to be provided, and potential loss of income while the homeowner gets tasked to get things settled and rebuilt.


D.A.M. Home Inspections uses Infrared Technology to be able to see damage that can not be seen by the naked eye.

We are trained to diagnose potential causes of water infiltration and secure the home from any further damage.

We use the best equipment available, and our years of experience to look out for your safety, and the hassle free enjoyment of your new home purchase.

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